Essays and Topics that is writing by the English Center staff

Essays and Topics that is writing by the English Center staff

As an English Coach, you will have to read and provide feedback on many kinds of essays. It’s important that you comprehend the different kinds of essays, and understand that different types of essays have different goals, and are usually written for different audiences. Also, there may be a time if it is right for one to give your student a short writing “assignment.” This file is made to allow you to review different kinds of essays, and well as give you topic ideas for each possible variety of essay.

Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay is an essay where you make an effort to convince your reader to agree with your point of view.

Argumentative Topics

Instructors genuinely believe that children into the classroom create many problems. What you think? Should parents be permitted to bring their children to class?

Suppose you may be at a ongoing party off campus. The thing is that this 1 of one’s friends is drinking a lot of beer and plans to drive home. In case you let this friend drive back to campus?

Can you genuinely believe that the rules for dorm residents should remain in place? This is certainly, do you believe the current dorm rules are fair and reasonable?

Do you genuinely believe that freshmen students must be allowed to bring their cars to campus, since it causes visitors to lose parking spaces and distracts freshmen from their studies?

Suppose a student is causing trouble in your classroom in addition to teacher kicks him/her out as punishment. Is this unfair or fair? Should you tell someone about any of it? What would be a reasonable punishment if you had been an instructor?

Would you think that Gallaudet Writing Exams are advantageous to students? Why or why not? If you can, what would you change, keep or modify in regards to the tests? What efforts must be made to change them?

Should prayer in schools be allowed or forbidden? Is this in conflict with the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights (the ability to practice freedom of speech and practice any religion)? […]